Why Ramzan is important in Islam?

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Why Ramzan is important in Islam?

Even after residing in different parts of the world, Muslims do not forget to celebrate Ramzan and EID no matter what circumstances they face Ramadan wishes 2019 . The month of sunrise and sunset is nearly celebrated by why 2 billion Muslims all over the world. People believe in the mercy of the lord and ask for more power and forgiveness from him by passing for several hours each day.

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Sharing Ramadan wishes 2019 is quite common among Muslims as a token of happiness and inspiration. People share Ramadan prayers, Quran introspection and Holy images in order to portray the beginning of Ramzan – the pious month.

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The holy month is entirely dedicated to the lord for receiving Mercy and wisdom from him. It is believed that the Muslims who are obtained from eating and drinking anything during the month of Ramzan initiate self purification and repentance. Every Muslim has to initiate the fast write in the morning 3 a.m. and break it around 7:00 p.m. in the evening.

During the fasting hours, Muslim are not allowed to eat or drink anything at all. They have to strictly obtained from sleeping, merry making, enjoying and toxication. Even a single strip of water is prohibited for a Muslim who is fasting during the month of Ramzan.

Ramadan has always been the month when Holy Quran was revealed and heavenly Gates were opened. It is believed that the Muslims who believe in the prayers and mercy of the lord our channelized towards heaven whereas the ones who initiate simple activities are taken towards help.

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Fasting amongst Muslims is more than mandatory. It has been elaborated in the second longest chapter in the Holy Quran. The benefits fasting and punishments that is destroyed by the lord only not keeping the fast during the month of Ramzan are clearly mentioned in that particular chapter.

Every person who is suffering from any kind of disease, breastfeeding, or pregnancy is exempted from fasting on Ramzan. Such people can compensate the number of fasts skipped on odd number of days.

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One of the most significant months of Islam is believed to give a lot of blessing in several ways to the Muslims. Children are not expected to to fast during the month of Ramzan until and unless they obtain puberty. besides that, there are several other exceptions that prohibit breastfeeding and pregnant women to avoid passing.

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