When is Ramadan in 2019?

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When is Ramadan in 2019?

2019 shall witness the holy month of Ramzan from 6th of May till 4th of June. The month of Ramzan is expected to continue for 30 days Ramadan wishes 2019. All the Muslims are expected to fast throughout the month accept exceptional circumstances. The month of Ramzan is the most religious month for all the Muslims on this earth.

With more than 1.6 billion Muslims, Eid Muslim is expected to fast from Dawn to Dusk without consuming a single drop of water and food. Ramadan wishes 2019 are commonly exchanged between people as a mark of celebration and activity.

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Ramzan has always been celebrated on the same day according to the Islamic calendar. However, dates of the Gregorian Calendar varies from one year to another. Islamic calendar is more of a lunar calendar.

Therefore, every year RamzanFalls around 11 days earlier. The date of Ramzan also depends upon the moon to be sighted . it is only if the crescent moon has been witness, date of Ramzan is approved.

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Date of Ramzan are particularly based upon the astronomical calculations and Islamic calendar. More than sighting the moon and deciding the dates, people also initiate Holy debates and determine the exact date of Ramadan and Eid. During 2018, the exact date of Ramadan was 17th may, Thursday.

Just the way every Muslim fasted from Dawn to Dusk in 2018, 2019 shall also continue the same friend. Astronomers have predicted that in 2019, the month of Ramzan is expected to begin from 6 may onwards.

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Ramadan wishes 2019

Ramadan always Falls somewhere in the ninth month of Islamic calendar. normally, the western calendar comprises of 12 months . the lunar calendar has 354 – 365 days in all. Therefore, every year Ramzan is around 11 days shorter than the previous Gregorian year. In other words, it is quite common for the Islamic date to drift back by 10 – 11 days every year.

It is expected that by the end of 2028, Ramzan will be expected to fall in the month of January.

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Muslim determine the date by witnessing the first crescent moon in the evening. The astronomers simultaneously work for determining the lunar cycle and finding out when to exactly celebrate Ramzan. Around 4th June, the celebration of Ramzan is expected to end with the celebration of Eid.

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