When is Ramadan in 2019 in Dubai?

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When is Ramadan in 2019 in Dubai?

The biggest holiday season for all the Muslims is there is in the month of Ramzan. Beginning from 5th May to 4th June, Dubai shall witness the commencement of Ramzan with all the enthusiasm and great. The Global Muslims experience slight variation in the date because of local times. normally, every Muslim is expected to keep the fast from daytime until dusk.

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No Muslim Hotel serve alcoholic drinks during the season of Ramzan. Also, there is no food available in the public places at all. Prohibition of chewing gum and smoking also takes place. All the hotels during the daytime serve non alcoholic drinks and little amount of food to the outsider non Muslim guests.

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Dubai has absolutely strict norms for the month of Ramadan. There is a a very strict prohibition in the consumption of food and drink between sunrise and sunset . people visiting Dubai are expected to observe fast even if they are visiting shopping malls of public beaches.

None of the places in Dubai serve food and drinks to the outsiders. Exceptionally, the Palm Beach in Dubai offers something to eat and drink to the theguets in a protected area. There are no arrangement for entertainment because month of Ramzan suspends it all. There is no music and dance anywhere in the place of Dubai throughout the month of Ramzan.

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Many places in Dubai are closed right from the lunch time and remain shut throughout the afternoon and early evening. People prepare for evening meals and iftari by taking a break from their normal work.

It is also difficult to find taxis after sunset. So if you are planning to to hang out during sunset in the month of Ramzan, it is very difficult to find a proper means of transportation. Moreover, even the best of bars and restaurants do not serve any alcohol throughout the month of Ramzan.

Turkey is also a muslim place but you would find a substantial amount of places serving alcohol and drinks during the month of Ramzan.

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Saudi Arabia has slightly rules and non during the Muslim season. Make sure that if you are planning to pay a visit to Dubai, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of the place during that month.

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