When is next Ramzan 2019?

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When is next Ramzan 2019?

Different countries have different timings of Ramzan celebration. However, all in all the month of Ramzan is expected to begin 16th May and end in in 14th June. It all depends on the moon and lunar calendar. The period of Ramzanwitnesses lower road traffic and food consumption from dawn till dusk. Ramadan wishes 2019

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People avoid any kind of travelling for heavy work because of abstaining from food . the month of Ramzan is wholly dedicated in the worshipping of the lord and following the path of goodness. People are expected to remain vigilant while forwarding any kind of jokes or images during the month of Ramzan.

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Any kind of joke on the festive season can create a lot of resentment and Hospitality. Also, one should only forward Ramadan wishes 2019 and images so that the receiver feel motivated to fast and remember the lord.

The holiest month of Muslim calendar is known to give a lot more than and a person can imagine. Special blessing and reward are given by Allah Tala to the people who fast for the month of Ramzan. The ninth month of Islamic calendar is the time period when Holy Quran was revealed. It is mandatory for every Muslim to celebrate Ramadan every year. Make sure that you improve your health so that you don’t have to abstain from fasting through out the month.

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During exceptional circumstances, people suffering from diseases and illness are prohibited from fasting. Fasting is not just limited to prohibition of food. It is also about developing a strong self control and refraining from any kind of wrong activities.

It is believed that people who do not fast during the month of Ramzan can face serious health consequences and strain in occupation.

Personally, people who have been suffering from health diseases can avoid fasting and compensate it later on if you are old enough and feel like fasting through out the month of Ramzan, you can initiate the same from the bottom of your heart.  Muslims Commonly donate money to the underprivileged one as a part of Charity and donation. Ramzan and Quran makes it mandatory to make charities during one month period.

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Apart from food consumption and drink, Muslims should avoid getting angry, lying or cheating As a part of religious practice.

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