What to eat in Ramzan suhoor?

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What to eat in Ramzan suhoor?

Apart from exchanging Ramzan wishes 2019, people also plan a lot about the things to be consumed for Iftar and suhoor. Obviously it is the beginning of the day and you cannot cook fresh food at that moment of time. On the other hand, you have to consume sufficient amount of nutrients and palate tickling diet so that there is lesser amount of craving throughout the day. So the thing is what should we consume during the suhoor time of Ramzan?

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Make sure that whatever you consume for suhoor is kept pure and fresh. Do not randomly start eating anything from the fridge kitchen. The healthy and tasty meal for suhoor should be prepared from before hand.

One can consume healthy vegetable, fruits, bread, cheese sweets and drinks to remain hydrated and energetic throughout the day. People consume the food at their designated places and sometimes in mosque. For Iftar, Muslims cook a series of snacks and choose to have a complete heavy dinner for the evening.

Fruit custard, Rose syrup drink and Pineapple juice are some of the most commonly consumed food items for suhoor and iftari. Lemonade is also common among Muslims for remaining hydrated and fresh after long hours of fasting. Lemonade stimulates overall digestion level and provide Vitamin C to the body.

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People normally cook dahi bade, hello, chicken recipes, kebabs and chapati for Iftar and suhoor. Lots of vegetables and fruits are consumed by the Muslims in the morning for quenching their souls and body with lots of nutrients. The bread mutton soup along with chicken 65 and marinated non vegetarian dishes serve a lot of energy to the consumer.

Therefore, Muslims normally consume whatever has been left over from the previous night in suhoor. On the other hand for starry, the initiate special meal preparation because the food consumed is after a long fasting hour.

Most of the people consume food that releases energy throughout the day. Besides consuming something that is lip smacking, Muslim also a special attention on remaining hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

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The Bran muffins and banana almond butter toast are absolutely tasty and should be consumed by every Muslim who is fasting for Ramzan. Add a lot of yoghurt to your protein meal and always keep a packet of oatmeal a side. More than giving something that feels good on your lips, you have to take care of your inner body and energy level.

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