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Ever wondered what makes Ramzan Special? More than anything else, it is the unique Ramadan 2019 wishes and quotations that we receive from our loved ones. When we celebrate on occasion, it is all about companionship of our loved ones. Ramzan 2019 quotes

Therefore, on this Ramzan forward the best Ramzan Mubarak pics and videos so that there is a feeling of empowerment while your loved ones fast. The most precious month becomes all the more enchanting with the lovely Ramzan Kareem 2019 quotations and messages.

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  • Welcoming Ramzan with all the excitement and happiness because it is an opportunity when we can get away from old sins and initiate better deeds ahead. Let us play attentively and donate generously. Let’s celebrate Ramzan and protect one another without any favour in return. Happy Ramzan
  • Welcoming Ramzan to treat others kindly and to bless one another with happiness and Glory. Ramzan is the month when we should remember Allah Tala in every situation and initiate good task as much as we can. Forget the evil actions and behave generously. It’s Ramzan let’s celebrate it whole heartedly.

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The main motive by Allah Tala ask you to fast during the daytime is because he want you to realise the importance of resources that he has bless you with. The daytime is warm and uncomfortable.

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Therefore, it is more difficult for the Muslims to fast during that time period. When you choose to live with that condition for the lord above, you get rewards and blessing for that in return. Muslims should never obtained from generosity and fasting in the month of Ramzan.

They should always have a big heart and self control in every situation. In fact, in certain countries it is a matter of dishonour for Islam to not too fast.

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As long as you believe in the existence of Allah Tala, you would definitely feel like fasting for him and learning the importance of resources that he has given in the holy month. If you are a true Muslim, you would never obtained from keeping the fast in the religious month of Ramzan.

Likewise you are empowered to keep the first Roza and the last one one so happening, empower the others by forwarding Ramadan 2019 quotes and messages that are inspirational and motivational in nature.

  • Difficult at the first few days of Roza but then they are rewarding and manageable later on. Similarly, if Allah Tala takes you through trials, it is not the time when you should give up and choose an easier part of evilness. Believe in the lord and wait for the path to become easy and rewarding. happy Ramzan
  • I pray that Allah Tala begin your happiness just the way the month of Ramzan begins. I wish that you enjoy a better Fortune and glory in life. Enjoy Ramzan and spread happiness everywhere.

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  • The reason why I feel excited for Ramzan is because I can fast with you and eat with you. Ramzan is worthwhile because of your benevolent present my dear. Let’s celebrate Ramzan together and pray almighty for your blessing us with this beautiful life.
  • life has been happy and wonderful because of a friend like you. Allah is the giver and Allah is the rescuer. So let us bring more Grace and spread happiness everywhere. Let’s celebrate Ramzan peacefully this year

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  • As you celebrate the month of Ramzan, your wishes will definitely come true and and life will be a lot more easier. Believe in the virtues of Allah Tala and celebrate Ramzan.
  • feeling fortunate because of being a muslim and getting an opportunity to celebrate Ramzan. Thanking the lord and spreading a lot of happiness everywhere. feeling happy because it’s Ramzan
  • Allah Tala has given us all the opportunities to stay happy by blessing us with Ramzan month. Let us recite the Holy Quran together and ask for rewards and Mercy from the lord. Happy Ramadan