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The moment Muslims perceive crescent moon, they begin with the celebration of Ramzan and initiation of several religious activities. The holy month of Ramzan is rewarding and simulating in its own way. Ramzan 2018 wishes for boss

Allah Talagive maximum blessings to the one who fast and refrain from negative activities. The month of Ramzan teaches Muslims about patience, stamina, happiness and appreciation of natural resources.

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The fasting period of 13 – 16 hours everyday teaches the value of food and water to the Muslims.

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Ramzan Kareem wishes for Boss

Ramzan is celebrated by every person created by Allah Tala. No matter whether it is the owner of the company or the employee. Allah Tala has given equal position to every human being. Therefore, forward Ramzan wishes to boss and feel happy that Lord has given you the opportunity to repent for your sin and to rectify them while you are alive.

It is believed that if you pay for the things that have been committed by you while you are alive, there is lesser punishment when you die in hell. Almighty shall not forgive you if you do not repent for the wrong activities that have been done by you so far.

The month of Ramadan is purifying, illuminating and nurturing in its own way. It rejuvenate our mind, body and Soul by making a closer to Allah Tala.

Ramzan wishes to Boss

  • Let us celebrate the month where Allah Tala is bound to give us more blessings and happiness. Wishing you a very prosperous and cheerful RamzanMahina
  • The Mercy and grace now begins because it is Ramzan. We shall certainly achieve all 30 days of Grace and blessings from a lord by fasting from Dawn to Dusk everyday. Ramzan Mubarak

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  • I wish that Allah Tala forgive you for all the mistakes and nurtures your life so that you can perform better in future . free that the creator of the world reduces your suffering and give you the power to help the underprivileged around you. Celebrate Ramzan and do good

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Ramzan Mubarak wishes to Boss

  • Ramzan is the best time period when we can ask for forgiveness for the wrong and injustice done to others. it is the month when we must find peace and happiness everywhere. Happy Ramzan
  • Ramzan is all about enchanting Quran and remembering Allah Tala from pure heart and mind. It is the time period When Everything that is good matters and everything that is bad should be avoided. Happy Ramzan Kareem 

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Ramzan Kareem wishes for Boss

  • Welcome the holy month of Ramzan, celebrate it with happy behaviour and dedication towards the lord. Leave all the sinful activities and enhance the worshipping and recitation of holy Quran. Have a blessed Ramzan
  • I pray that Allah Tala make you a better person and give you the ability to grant forgiveness even to the ones who do wrong to you. I wish that you become immune to all the atrocities of life and flourish better every day. Happy Ramzan

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  • Ramzan is the time period when Lord showers all the Mercy and give you the opportunity to pray and receive blessing from everywhere.
  • Ramzan is the month when we should beg pardon from the Lord of the world and congratulate one another for a loving life all together. Let us celebrate Ramzan together

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Happy Ramzan wishes to Boss

  • Allah Tala has made you a Muslim because you have the opportunity to do good in life and prove yourself worthy for everything. Wishing you a very blessed RamzanMahina
  • I pray that the continuous fasting month of Ramzan gives you the power and satisfaction in your life. I Treasure you forever and you are the best boss I can get. Happy Ramzan
  • Fasting is a method to escape the future atrocities of life and to self actualized whatever wrong has been done. It is the method when we can prevent sin and repent for the wrong did in past
  • Ramzan is the time when we should reflect goodness and purify our heart and soul by removing bad thoughts and negativity. It is a rewarding month for all the Muslims. happy Ramzan