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The exact date of Ramzan is determined through the lunar calendar. Therefore, most of the time it falls around 11 days earlier than the previous year. Most of the time, Ramzan is celebrated during Harsh summer months for several hours during day time. Ramadan 2019 wishes for each day

The temperature is warmer during the daytime and therefore it becomes very difficult for the Muslim followers to keep the fast. However, with the inspirational Ramadan 2019 greetings and mercy of Allah Tala, it becomes possible to keep fast during the month of Ramzan.

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Ramadan 2019 Mubarak quotes

  • on this Ramzan, I pray that you and your family get all the blessing and spend those amazing days while remembering Allah Tala. Happy Ramzan
  • I pray that you love every moment of this festive season and accept the blessings of the lord by offering more prayers and good deeds. Ramzan Mubarak
  • I pray that the special day of Ramzan give you more peace and prosperity to you and your family. Also, I wish that the last 10 days end up giving you more empowerment and wisdom so that you can learn to differentiate between right and wrong and have the caliber to accept the same without any fear or doubt in mind. Happy Ramzan

Ramzan 2019 Mubarak quotes

 I pray that all my well wishes and blessing reach you on this happy festival of Ramzan. I want Allah Tala to give you a longer and happier life forever. May you enjoy the noble event and celebrate Ramzan

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  • I pray that your love and happiness is as Shiny and bright like a sun. I wish that you fill up every corner of your heart and live your life with endless excitement and wisdom. Enjoy Ramzan

Ramadan 2019 Mubarak quotes

  • I pray that you received the gift of goodness and faith on this Ramzan. May you learn to identify the good and sundue the evil. Sending you more on this Ramzan

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Ramadan 2019 Mubarak wishes

Happy Ramadan 2019 Mubarak

Islam has originated from Makkah and and as of now, it is the second largest religion of the world. With more than 6 billion followers, Islam believe that Allah Allah is the creator of the world and Ramzan is the holiest month of the year.

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Ramzan is known to be the ninth month of Muslim calendar at give 10 days of special powerful night. Ramzan is celebrated to honour Lord Mohammed and to develop more self control within.

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Just after the sunset take place, Muslims are known to break their fast for the day and consume dates and sharbat as the first initiation. Muslims are expected to pray 5 times during the month of Ramzan and pay Charity to the needy and underprivileged.

All the Muslims who can afford to go to Hajj during the month of Ramzan congratulate one another. most of the time they are found saying that may Allah Tala bless you throughout the year and forever.

Happy Ramadan 2019 Mubarak

  • Ramzan is the festival when we should collect more blessings and happiness from everywhere. initiate goodness and reflect that in your behaviour. happy Ramzan
  • The occasion of Ramzan is all about enjoying, celebrating and remaining happy. By abstaining from food and drink, you are dedicating yourself to the creator of the world and making your life and more manageable. So let’s enjoy Ramzan and look it an opportunity so grab more blessing and wisdom

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According to the holy guidance of Quran, the month of Islam was revealed because of holy Quran being unleashed. The main reason why people celebrate Quran is it to learn the differentiation between right and wrong.

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It is believed that any person who Encounters crescent moon must fast during the month of Ramzan. Also, any person who skip fasting during the month of Ramzan should compensate the same in later months of the Year. Muslims are quite rigid when it comes to fasting and abstaining from wrong activities during Ramzan.

Maximum of the time they inspire one another to keep the fast and also forward Ramadan 2019 congratulation wishes as a source of motivation and happiness.