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Every Muslim is aware of the prerequisites of fasting during the month of Ramzan. It is believed that it is the special month when one should worship and help others by forwarding Salam Ramadan 2019 wishes 5 may 2019 and pictures to create a festive feeling all together.

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  • Allah is the one creator of the world and designer of the universe. Let us dedicate this month to him and remember whatever he has given us every moment as a token of appreciation. Enjoy the blessed month of Ramzan
  • here starts the month of blessings and Mercy. Let us move forward with a happy journey and feel happy for whatever we have been blessed with.

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  • I just want to be remembered once while you fast . just a simple gesture would give meaning to my life and be in my heart. I pray that Ramzan unified all of us and bring us closer to one another. Have a blessed Ramzan
  • Ramzan is the time period when people realise the importance of blessings given by the creator of the world. It is the month when we are taken ahead for mitigating the difference between rich and poor. We are made to realise the importance of natural resources and food . let’s celebrate Ramzan as the Holy Quran says

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Salam Ramadan 2019 wishes

  • Just a single Ramzan has the capacity to guide you towards the door Of Heaven. It can help you to depend upon all your sins and gain the mercy of Allah Tala and enter Jannat. Believe in Ramzan and have faith in mankind and God
  • Memories of Ramzan are forever going to remain in my heart . the single month leave a remark throughout the year. I pray that the festival brings unbounded happiness for you

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  • I pray that this Ramadan illuminate you and guide you towords correct path of truthfulness. Wishing you a very blessed Ramadan
  • I pray that the precious greetings of Ramadan reach you and help you to remain enthusiastic and zealous for the occasion. Have a blessed Ramadan

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Unique Ramadan 2019 wishes

  • I pray that Allah give you more blessing on in this month and fill your life with abundant of compassion and faith. I pray that you get more assistance from the lord above . have a blessed Ramdhan
  • I pray that you get the rejoicing blessings from Allah Tala and get aa full chance to repent on your sin. Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan 2019 fasting month wishes

Ramadan has always been bright and exciting amongst Muslim. The festival of light and happiness is celebrated for 1 month and is completed with the advent of EidulFitr.

Muslims fast about the month of Ramzan and is read one another with the spirit of happiness and illumination. Ramzan is the month when people remember prayers and enhanced religious practices so as to create a connect with almighty above. It is believed that the more spiritual knowledge you gain, the better it is for a human life to prosper.

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Therefore, the month of Ramzan is the harbinger of joy and happiness. It helps in sparkling your way through out and let you stay ahead of everything.

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  • Here is the month of Ramadan when we should initiate repentance for the past wrong activities and Move ahead for the glory of the world. Celebrating Ramzan becomes meaningful only when we we identify the good and subdue the wrong. Celebrate Ramzan
  • Blessed are the one who have got an opportunity to celebrate Ramzan. It is the month of maximum peace and happiness. Let us extend our happiness and celebrate the month with full on dedication and enthusiasm.

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Unique Ramadan 2019 wishes

  • I believe that you remember the lord and celebrate every day of Ramzan as it is the first one. Do not crib but appreciate that you have got an opportunity to who depend on your mistake and to lessen the repercussions of your mistakes. Celebrate Ramzan
  • Which is the time to illuminate life with the teachings of Allah Tala and Quran.Ramzan is the month of protection and peace. Let us celebrate it together