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Maximum of the people do not restrict themselves from watching television and listening music in the month of Ramadan ( Ramadan 2019 quotes for WhatsApp status ) . However commerce some orthodox Muslims believe that television and music and influence your senses and can bring negativity within you.

Therefore, they obtained from any variety of entertainment besides keeping away from eating and drinking during the fasting hours. The month of Ramzan teaches Muslims to behave well with other individuals.

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It is believed that even if someone does wrong to you, you don’t have to back bite or take revenge from them. Leave it all up on Allah Tala and you will certainly get justified from his side. Observed Ramadan with your heart and minimise any kind of physical activity and dedicate yourself in the worshipping of the lord.

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  • My dear friend, it is a time period when you should have taken from food and start worshipping the lord. Your time period for consuming food all day long has expired for 1 month and it shall renew once again phone after eid. Thank you for not eating and keeping self control. Enjoy Ramzan

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It is highly important to calm yourself and keep away from any bad intention in the month of Ramzan. Make sure that your commitment is rigid and unshakable at all. Never get swayed away with the smell of food and internal craving. The feeling of self-control is highly important in the month of Ramzan.

By the end of the day, all the Muslims reward themselves with heavy food and best varieties of drinks. Everyday there is celebration as people believe that they have won the war by defeating their desires and worldly requirement.

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The main Emphasis of Ramzan is to accommodate in very little. You don’t have to change yourself or anything else apart from reducing the craving for materialism and keeping negativity for everybody.

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  • Bidding adieu to the lovely month of Ramzan that has given us a lot more generosity and happiness within. It is the time period when we have learnt to keep patience and yet to remain calm and happy because Allah Tala has given us a lot more than we have realised.
  • Allah is the forgiver of the sin and he is the creator of the world. Wishing my parents and this entire Muslim community of very happy Ramzan. Praying for all of you very dedicatedly so that you get more empowerment to fast for long

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 For some people, Ramzan is the month when you can demand whatever you want from the creator of the world. It is the time when devils are not there to destroy your peace but angels are everywhere to help you up.

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The rigid Muslims have exceptional way of behaving during Ramzan. They behave as if there is some kind of extra favour in world from there and if they are offering prayers to the lord above. It is quite annoying for several Muslim if you do not offer them special goodies on iftaari. The most important part of Ramzan is not food by to focus up on spiritual aspect of life.

People who are ill, old and young should always avoid keeping fast. Also, if you have just given birth to a baby and cannot manage keeping fast, it’s better to leave those circumstances and remember the lord from bottom of the heart instead of asking and giving immense pain to yourself.

The purpose of Ramzan is not to give you pain or irritation. It is the time period then you should illuminate yourself internally no matter whether it takes place by fasting or by consuming extra. 

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  • Ramzan is the time when you should make lot of Dua in a bowl and serve it every day at the time of Iftar. Enjoy your meal in Quran and prayer a lot more than you eat everyday. Happy Ramzan
  • I pray that Allah Tala give us Mercy and helps us to realise what wrong are we doing so that we can obtain from it. Ramzan is the month when we can thank the lord and ask for more guidance from him. Ramzan Mubarak