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  • As the blessed RamzanMahina commences, the crescent moon shines bright and channelises your path way of life towards success. Ramzan is a time period for peace, phrase and happiness. Have a blessed Ramzan Kareem month
  • Ramzan is the month when we can achieve goodness and key to success. It is the month then contentment, blessings and guidance acquire our life and keep us satisfied in one and many ways. Happy Ramzan
  • Lord is always with the one who follow the path of goodness and body. So as we move ahead towards the past of ofRamzan, we must feel happy what are the opportunities when we can ask for forgiveness and Mercy for the sins committed so far.
  • Bend your knees and hold your heart for Ramzan month is going to bring you blessing and other words from the lord. Remember that this is a month of humility and prosperity. Do good and forget the rest for the sake of Allah Tala

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  • As you consume your iftari, I pray that you get the best of hope and glory from the lord above. I wish that you share more love and happiness with your near and dear ones and enjoy the festive season without any kind of pain or strain in mind. Ramzan Kareem mubarak ho
  • Quran has always thought us to remain good and pure because Allah Tala is the manager of the world. Therefore, while we celebrate the month of Ramzan, let us remind ourselves that we are born to serve Allah Tala and mankind. Happy Ramzan 

First Roza wishes for girlfriend

  • Sending you the warm wishes and brightest spirits in this month of Ramzan to keep you more energetic while you fast . enjoy Ramzan and have peaceful and glorified holidays

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The crescent moon in the sky is a reflection that the holy month begins and we must prepare for worshipping and dedication for the Lord above. The beginning of RamzanMahina is more than an opportunity for the humans to get away from sins committed so far. Remember that the anticipated month is full of opportunities to receiving award from creator of the world.

Make sure that while you obtain from drinking and consuming food, keep away from backbiting and any simple activity. Quran states that any person who is indulged in backbiting and doing wrong nullify the entire roza are in the month of Ramzan.

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First Roza wishes for girlfriend

  • As you fast in the month of Ramzan, remember that I am praying for your empowerment and glory from Allah Tala. More than anything else, I want you to remain happy and blessed from the creator of the world. Congratulating you because it’s Ramzan
  • I pray that as Ramzan begins, it is the commencement of your happiness and Glory. Everyday bring you more opportunity and Fortune so that your life is full of peace and contentment. I wish that even the worst circumstances of life do not in the your peace of mind and happiness. Have a blessed Ramzan

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First Roza wishes for boyfriend

  • The crescent moon is the beginning of HoliRamzan and Ramadan is the beginning of happiness for all. I wish that Allah Tala fills your home with more opportunity Grace and happiness. Have a very happy Ramzan
  • I wish that all the goodness, blood and happiness comes in your way and you forever remain drenched in happiness. Have a very enchanting Ramzan and a very happy Eid
  • Quran reflects success and Allah Tala is a guiding light for everything. so let us recite Holy Quran together in this Ramzan and seek for better blessings and forgiveness. Happy Ramadan.

First Roza wishes for boyfriend

If you cannot forward Ramdhan first Roza wishes for lover as a digital message, you can use it to forward them as text SMS or as a image.

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Fortunate are the one who have been blessed with eyes and brain Allah Tala. Let us recognise what we have received instead of craving for what we don’t have on this Ramzan . let us give a different meaning to the Holi festival and celebrate with more glory and peacefulness.